We work hard and are proud to keep our farm as a certified wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. To be certified, the property needs to provide: food and water sources for wildlife, cover from weather elements and predators, places where wildlife can raise and protect their young, and sustainable gardening practices such as limiting water use, use compost, reduce lawn, use native plants, eliminate chemical pesticides and attract beneficial insects to ensure clean soil, air, and water.

Our property has two owl houses, bat houses, streams, two ponds, nature trails, and we often see bald eagles, hawks, foxes, deer, bear, butterflies, bees, turkey, frogs, and various turtles. We have an assortment of native plants and grow many flowers that attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

Teaching and showing that nature heals is very important to us. If you would like to tour the trails and property with your kids church group, boy/girl scout troups, etc. contact us!