Owning a farm and keeping animals is extremely rewarding and always an adventure. However, one of the most challenging things about having a farm and animals is finding someone to care for your stock when you are out of town or on vacation. You have family members or neighbors, but maybe they do not have the time or feel comfortable caring for a herd of goats, a flock of chickens or a bunch of donkeys. Call our farm! I have livestock experience beginning from when I was a child and now that I have a hobby farm of my own, I have even more knowledge of caring for animals day in and day out. 


Giving feed according to your instruction. Always providing fresh water. Ensuring hay feeders are stocked.

turn out/bring in

Letting the animals out to pasture at the morning check, ensuring they are brought into stalls/barn at the evening check.


Mucking stalls and cleaning the barn/animal pens. 

daily update/misc

Provide daily update/text/photos. Can also water plants, get mail, etc.

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